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Operation hours 7days 10:00~16:00

Yes, we provide life jackets by size for all people. After the tour is over, all life jackets will be disinfected.

Yes, you must make a reservation at least 2-3 days in advance to use the Bikini Island Club Tour. If you cannot make a reservation due to unavoidable circumstances, please call in advance before visiting. Local Inquiries: 671-828-8889

A boat license is not required under the US Coast Guard Act, but in order to understand the drive system, you must have a Korean car driver’s license to drive. The staff of Bikini Island Club are always on standby for your safety.

Lockers are provided that you can use, but we recommend leaving your valuables at the hotel. Bikini Island Club is not responsible for items left in lockers, bikini island club rentals, cell phones or other personal items.

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